Kulzer and Company, Inc. offers a full array of appraisal and consulting services in both commercial and residential real estate markets for primary and secondary mortgages, mortgage refinancing, relocation, estates, FHA loans, tax appeals, new construction, divorce settlement and bankruptcies. Our appraisers are also available for expert witnesses testimony. Fees are determined by the scope and complexity of the appraisal assignment and are often determined on a case by case basis. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a fee quote.

Commercial Appraisal Services

Commercial appraisals can be developed in a variety of formats specific to the scope of work required. Please contact Peter R. Kulzer or Joseph A. Barack, MAI for a fee quote and turn around time.

Residential Appraisal Services

  • Single Family Residential Fannie Mae 1004
  • Single Family Residential Exterior-Only Fannie Mae 2055
  • Small Residential Income Property Fannie Mae 1025
  • Individual Condo Unit Fannie Mae 1075
  • Individual Coop Interest Fannie Mae 1090
  • Individual Coop Interest, Exterior-Only Fannie Mae 2095
  • Single Family Residential Update Fannie Mae 1004d
  • Satisfactory Completion Inspection Fannie Mae 1004d
  • Satisfactory Completion Inspection Freddie Mac 442
  • Manufactured Home Appraisal Fannie Mae 1004c
  • Single Family Field Review Fannie Mae 2000
  • Multifamily Field Review Fannie Mae 2000a
  • Employee Relocation Council ERC